Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right psychic?

Look for a reader you trust. Psychics should not "sugar coat" information. Make sure you go to a psychic with an "open mind" you are not there to "TEST" their abilitiy. A good psychic will not ask a client too many questions. Conversation between the psychic and client should be at a minimum. You are seeking information not giving information.

What is your process for working with a new customer?

If the client has not had a reading with me, I go into details about what I do and how I do my readings. I explain what I hear, see, and feel. At the end of the session if there is something I didn't cover, every client has the opportunity to ask a couple of questions. I am very detailed when I do a reading. I don't tell the client what they want to hear. I get my information from a higher power( angels, guides ,etc)

What education and training do you have?

Studying under Robert Taylor, I honed my skills in psychometry, numerology, aura readings, mediumship (channeling spirit from the other side), and palmistry. With training in Hypnotherapy, I have expertise in Age and Past Life Regression. I've taken A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and I'm a Certified Life Coach. For more than 25 years, I have been a Certified Reiki Master. I help those who have been looking for body and healing energy work, focusing on helping clients deal with stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, sleeplessness, grief, and more.

What types of customers have you worked with?

I have worked with law enforcement agencies, authors, victims from 9-11, teachers, psychologists, people who are Deaf (I am a Sign Language Interpreter), actors, and musicians. I enjoy working with a variety of clients, including clients who want to communicate with their animals. of any size.