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Awesome person. Within 1.5 days post-reiki, my two month long spell of fatigue from depression is removed from my legs. I finally have my energy back. Bless this women (or psychic, for that matter.)

Mark V. (Reiki Healing)

I had a psychic reading with Laura. She is very warm and easy to open up to regarding personal matters. We did not get to finish the reading at our visit. Laura called me and offered to finish the reading without charge.We did meet again and she finished the reading to my satisfaction. I strongly recommend her.

Rosemary L. (Psychic Reading)

Laura was a joy to work with, AND very gifted! She cares a lot about her clients and wants them to receive as much information as possible. I would highly recommend Laura's services. 

Faith B. (Tarot Card Reading)

Laura is an absolutely unique person! I really enjoyed my appointment with Laura, she is very warm and informative. This was my first experience and I will definitely do this again. I will be contacting her for more services. She was absolutely excellent with my reading, describing situation with my husband, my relationship with my daughter and grandchildren. I felt different and much better right after session with her.

Yelena L. (Palm Reading)

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